ARKANSAS, Oct 23 (Future Headlines)- Tech giant Amazon continues to bolster its clean energy portfolio in Europe, announcing the addition of more than 39 renewable energy projects so far this year. These projects include a mix of rooftop solar installations and utility-scale solar and wind projects, contributing 1GW of clean energy capacity to national grids across the continent.

In total, Amazon states that it has facilitated over 160 wind and solar projects in 13 European countries. When the projects in its European pipeline become operational, they will provide an impressive 5.8GW of clean energy capacity, reflecting Amazon’s commitment to achieving 100% renewable power for its operations by 2025. Currently, the company is generating 90% of its power from renewable sources.

Amazon’s investment in renewable energy is not only aiding its green transition but also delivering positive impacts on local communities and economies. The company asserts that its projects in the UK have contributed over £90 million to the country’s GDP between 2014 and 2022, while generating approximately £285 million in investment. On a broader scale, Amazon claims its investments have contributed more than €723 million to Europe’s GDP within the same timeframe, alongside an estimated €2.4 billion in investment.

Amazon is using an economic model it has developed to evaluate the impact of its renewable energy projects. This model adheres to guidance provided by the US Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Laboratory and has been developed in collaboration with advisory firm Oxford Economics. The company emphasizes the importance of corporate investment as a catalyst for transitioning to a cleaner energy future. It pledges to continue working with governments, local communities, and energy providers across Europe to channel more renewable energy into local grids.

Amazon’s European expansion of clean energy projects aligns with its broader commitment to achieving 100% renewable power for its operations worldwide. The company is making substantial strides toward this goal, aiming to reach it by 2025, five years ahead of its official 2030 target. Its consistent investment in renewable energy projects not only strengthens its commitment to sustainability but also acts as a catalyst for local economic growth and supports the broader transition to a cleaner energy future.

As Lindsay McQuade, Director of Energy for EMEA at Amazon, stated, “With more than 160 wind and solar projects in Europe, Amazon is helping to provide new sources of clean energy to local grids, creating jobs, and supporting local businesses as we progress toward powering our operations with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.”

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White