ARKANSAS, January 23 (Future Headlines)- The American Clean Power Association (ACP) has officially unveiled its annual Energy Storage Summit — ACP RECHARGE, designed to facilitate collaboration among leading storage manufacturers, renewable developers, policymakers, and thought leaders. The summit aims to foster discussions on technological advancements, market conditions, and the necessary policy frameworks to sustain the rapid growth of the energy storage sector. Scheduled to take place in Portland, Oregon, from June 26-28, 2024, the event will serve as a premier gathering for key stakeholders in the clean energy transition.

The energy storage industry is experiencing remarkable growth, witnessing a sevenfold increase in utility-scale energy storage capacity compared to the end of 2020. Currently, the U.S. energy storage sector supports over 60,000 jobs, spanning technology innovation, advanced manufacturing, engineering, and construction. Projections indicate that over the next decade, energy storage capacity will contribute tens of thousands of megawatts to the nation’s electric grid.

Jason Grumet, CEO of ACP, emphasized the pivotal role of energy storage in the clean energy transition, stating, “The clean energy transition cannot succeed without extraordinary growth in energy storage. American energy must be clean, affordable, reliable, and secure. Energy storage is essential to achieving each of these national imperatives.” ACP RECHARGE is poised to become the ultimate platform for sharing ideas, showcasing technological advancements, and engaging in dynamic forums addressing the challenges ahead.

The summit is strategically aligned with the Formula E racing event in Portland, featuring the single-seater motorsport championship league for electric cars. Attendees registering for ACP RECHARGE will have the unique opportunity to access tickets for the Formula E race scheduled for June 29, adding an exciting dimension to the overall experience. Mateo Jaramillo, CEO of Form Energy, highlighted the timeliness of ACP RECHARGE, emphasizing the role of energy storage in meeting reliability needs and fulfilling state clean energy goals. He expressed anticipation for exploring diverse emerging technologies, policy frameworks, and the industry’s strength and capabilities at the summit.

Industry leaders echoed the significance of events like ACP RECHARGE in advancing the energy storage sector. John Zahurancik, President of Fluence, emphasized the critical role of forums in elevating safety, expanding the supply chain, and supporting reliable power systems worldwide. Jacquie DeRosa, VP of Energy Storage for Ameresco, noted the summit as a vital platform for the latest developments in financing, technology, and markets within the rapidly growing energy storage industry.

As the inaugural ACP RECHARGE Summit unfolds, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the energy storage industry. The event’s focus on collaboration, technological innovation, and policy discussions aligns with the broader objectives of advancing clean, reliable, and secure energy for the nation. The diverse range of participants, including manufacturers, developers, policymakers, and thought leaders, underscores the collective commitment to driving the next phase of storage advancements and shaping a sustainable energy future.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White