ARKANSAS, Sept 27 (Future Headlines)- In a monumental step towards promoting sustainable hydropower initiatives globally, the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and the China Institute of Water Resources (IWHR) have forged a strategic partnership. This cooperative agreement carries significant implications as China, with over two decades of pioneering efforts, has emerged as a global leader in hydropower capacity expansion, accounting for more than two-thirds of newly installed capacity worldwide. With China’s substantial expertise and experience in this sector, the rest of the world is increasingly looking to the nation for guidance, investment, and technological know-how to meet rising energy demands in a sustainable manner. This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to advancing sustainable hydropower development on a global scale.

Over the past twenty years, China has demonstrated exceptional prowess in expanding its hydropower capacity, cementing its status as the world’s leading hydropower nation. China’s contribution to global hydropower capacity far surpasses that of any other country, with a capacity nearly two and a half times greater than its closest competitor. This remarkable achievement is a testament to China’s unwavering commitment to clean energy and its recognition of the pivotal role hydropower plays in the global energy landscape.

As nations around the world grapple with the imperative of increasing their hydropower capacity to meet growing energy demands while adhering to sustainability principles, China’s success has positioned it as a beacon for others to follow. The expertise gained through years of hydropower development places China at the forefront of the industry, making it a natural partner for international cooperation in this crucial sector.

The IHA plays a pivotal role in facilitating global collaboration and knowledge exchange within the hydropower industry. By partnering with the IWHR, the IHA aims to strengthen its mission of promoting sustainable hydropower development across the world. The collaboration is rooted in the recognition of China’s leadership in hydropower and the desire to leverage this leadership for the greater good of the global community.

A significant aspect of this partnership is IWHR’s continued role as the IHA China National Office host. This arrangement enhances the connection between the two organizations and serves to amplify China’s experiences and priorities within the international hydropower community.

The cooperative agreement encompasses various areas of collaboration. It seeks to foster greater involvement of Chinese stakeholders in the IHA’s global network, expanding the reach and impact of the association. The partnership aims to align advocacy efforts and promote the sustainable growth of hydropower on a global scale. Effective communication is vital in disseminating knowledge and best practices. The agreement emphasizes the importance of sharing information and experiences to advance the hydropower industry.

Accurate data is critical for informed decision-making. The collaboration intends to enhance data collection efforts related to hydropower, enabling better planning and policy formulation. Sustainability is a core principle of hydropower development. The partners will work together to advance sustainable practices in the industry. The cooperative agreement extends support for the 2023 World Hydropower Congress, a global platform for discussing and advancing hydropower-related issues. The memorandum highlights the opportunity to expand the application of the Hydropower Sustainability Standard within China and in Chinese overseas investments. This underscores the commitment to sustainable hydropower practices and adherence to global standards. The agreement reiterates the importance of adhering to commitments to protect World Heritage Sites, as outlined in the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower.

Eddie Rich, CEO of IHA, aptly recognizes China’s unparalleled contributions to the hydropower sector and its proactive role in meeting net-zero targets. He stated, “China is the pre-eminent hydropower country and has done more to advance its role in meeting its net zero targets than any other country.” He further highlighted the instrumental role played by Chinese companies in helping other nations increase their capacity to meet global net-zero goals, clean energy requirements, and water needs.

IWHR expressed its resolute commitment to collaborating with the IHA in involving Chinese stakeholders in global advocacy efforts. This shared objective emphasizes the importance of advancing clean energy initiatives worldwide through collaborative endeavors. As the world confronts pressing environmental challenges, the combined efforts of these two influential entities are poised to shape the future of hydropower, driving us closer to a more sustainable and secure energy landscape.

Writing by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White