ARKANSAS, Nov 10 (Future Headlines)- Dandelion Energy, a leading home geothermal company, has launched a clean energy advocacy campaign in Westchester County, New York, urging homeowners to make the switch to geothermal heating. The company aims to make geothermal systems more equitable, affordable, and accessible as it promotes a transition away from fossil fuel-based heating. With new incentives in place, Dandelion emphasizes the financial benefits and environmental impact of embracing geothermal technology.

Dandelion highlights that federal and local incentives have created a favorable financial environment for homeowners looking to switch to geothermal heating. In Westchester County, homeowners may be eligible for the following incentives:

ConEd Incentives: Residents served by ConEd can receive up to $25,000 per home, with an increased incentive of up to $35,000 for homes in disadvantaged communities.

State Tax Credit: A state tax credit of up to 25% is available for homeowners in New York State.

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credit: The Inflation Reduction Act offers a tax credit of up to 30% of the geothermal system cost.

These incentives significantly contribute to making the transition to geothermal more financially sound than ever before. Dandelion aims to empower homeowners with the information and resources needed to capitalize on these incentives, ultimately driving the adoption of clean and sustainable heating solutions.

Customers who have already made the switch to Dandelion’s geothermal systems in Westchester are experiencing substantial cost savings and environmental benefits. William Gerosa, a six-year Dandelion customer, emphasizes that the decision to transition to geothermal is not only an environmentally conscious choice but also a wise investment.

Gerosa attests, “It’s not just because you’re a tree hugger trying to save the planet. It’s also an investment. The internal rate of return for our system as a whole – solar panels and the Dandelion geothermal system – is about 16 or 17 percent per annum. It is very hard to get that return in other investments with the same risk profile.”

The financial aspect becomes increasingly crucial as energy costs reached their highest levels in 15 years last year. Traditional fuels like oil and propane, commonly used for heating, have seen steady price increases, making the cost savings associated with geothermal systems even more compelling.

Apart from financial incentives, the switch to geothermal systems addresses health and safety concerns associated with burning fossil fuels. Even high-efficiency fuel burners are not 100% efficient, leading to the release of unburned compounds as pollutants. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of incomplete combustion, poses health risks by interfering with the body’s oxygen-carrying capacity.

Eliminating fossil fuel usage within homes is not only a cost-effective choice but also an improvement for families’ health and the broader climate. Geothermal systems offer a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional heating methods, contributing to both individual well-being and environmental sustainability.

Dan Yates, CEO of Dandelion, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to provide geothermal heating and cooling solutions to Westchester County, particularly as winter approaches. The company is poised to support residents in making informed decisions that align with their financial interests, environmental values, and health considerations.

As Dandelion encourages residents to “switch to geothermal,” the campaign underscores the multifaceted benefits of embracing clean energy solutions and the positive impact they can have on individuals, communities, and the planet at large. Through a combination of financial incentives, customer testimonials, and a commitment to health and safety, Dandelion seeks to drive meaningful change in the way homes are heated in Westchester County.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White