ARKANSAS, Oct 10 (Future Headlines)- Israel-based company Electriq Global has received a €1.1 million grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for its innovative hydrogen powder manufacturing plant. The facility is set to be located in the Port of Amsterdam and is expected to commence operations in 2026. It will be built on Zenith Energy Terminals’ grounds and powered by Zenith’s Renewable Energy.

The project was facilitated in partnership with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and ‘Amsterdam in business,’ an Invest in Holland partner. This venture aligns with the Port of Amsterdam and the H2A association’s vision to transform the port into a central hub for hydrogen carriers, with an ambitious goal of handling 1 million tons of hydrogen by 2030.

Dmitry Lisitsin, Head of Powder Solutions at Electriq Global, expressed his gratitude for the grant, highlighting the positive environmental impact of their breakthrough technology. The Electriq Powder plant aims to significantly reduce production costs and minimize the carbon footprint associated with hydrogen production.

Jeff Armstrong, CEO of Zenith Energy Terminals, emphasized the shared vision for sustainable energy solutions and the transition to zero-emission fuels. This collaboration is a significant step forward in storing renewable energy on Zenith’s Amsterdam terminal.

Port of Amsterdam’s Chief Investment Officer, Dorine Bosman, emphasized the importance of public-private collaboration in realizing the hydrogen economy. She praised the RVO grant as a testament to the collective commitment to fostering a more sustainable energy landscape in the Dutch and European markets.

Baruch Halpert, Executive Chairman & CEO of Electriq Global, expressed gratitude for the support received from the Netherlands and their partners. The RVO grant represents a substantial milestone in their successful collaboration.

Electriq Global is at the forefront of developing the next generation of hydrogen solid carriers, leveraging its Electriq Powder technology.

In summary, Electriq Global’s receipt of a €1.1 million grant for its hydrogen powder manufacturing plant in the Port of Amsterdam underscores the commitment to sustainable energy solutions and the hydrogen economy. The project is a collaborative effort that aims to revolutionize hydrogen production and storage, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White