ARKANSAS, Dec 01 (Future Headlines)- EVgo Inc., a prominent player in the US electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, has unveiled plans to bolster its fast-charging infrastructure in the Midwest through an extended partnership with Meijer, a regional grocery retailer. This expansion aims to cater to the growing demand for EV charging solutions, offering enhanced accessibility for current and future EV drivers in the Midwest. The strategic collaboration builds upon the existing relationship between EVgo and Meijer, leveraging the latter’s regional presence to establish new fast-charging stations equipped with cutting-edge technology.

EVgo will install new fast-charging stations in Ohio as part of the expanded partnership with Meijer. The charging stations will be strategically located at select Meijer locations, enhancing convenience for EV drivers.

The upcoming EVgo stations will feature up to six stalls, emphasizing scalability to accommodate a growing number of EV users. Notably, these stations will be equipped with high-power 350kW chargers, providing rapid charging capabilities for efficient and time-effective recharging.

Meijer, a regional grocery retailer, boasts a substantial footprint with more than 500 supercenters, Meijer Grocery stores, neighborhood markets, and Express locations. The retailer’s presence spans across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin, establishing a widespread network for EVgo’s charging infrastructure.

EVgo and Meijer already have an established partnership, with 24 charging stalls deployed at six Meijer locations across Michigan and Ohio. These locations include key metropolitan markets such as Detroit, Cincinnati, and Columbus, contributing to the accessibility of EV charging in urban and suburban areas.

The Midwest region has witnessed a gradual increase in EV adoption, necessitating a corresponding expansion of charging infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the EV user base. EVgo’s strategic move aligns with the broader goal of supporting and encouraging the transition to electric mobility in the region.

By strategically placing the new charging stations at Meijer locations, EVgo aims to enhance public charging access for both current EV owners and those considering the switch to electric vehicles. Public charging infrastructure at convenient locations like grocery stores contributes to the seamless integration of EV charging into daily routines.

The inclusion of high-power 350kW chargers signifies a commitment to cutting-edge technology, enabling rapid charging experiences for EV drivers. The emphasis on faster charging aligns with the industry’s goal of reducing charging times and enhancing the overall convenience of EV ownership.

Meijer has been at the forefront of offering EV charging solutions, with a history dating back to 2010 when the retailer began providing EV charging at select stores and on its corporate campus. This long-standing commitment to supporting sustainable transportation aligns with the current expansion efforts in collaboration with EVgo.

Reporting by Alireza Sabet; Editing by Sarah White