ARKANSAS, Oct 27 (Future Headlines)- Factorial has officially inaugurated its battery manufacturing facility in Methuen, Massachusetts, representing a significant step forward in the production of its solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs). The facility has been established with a $50 million investment and is anticipated to generate over 150 local job opportunities. It is strategically situated in the Boston suburb of Methuen, enabling close coordination with Factorial’s R&D facility and corporate headquarters, thereby advancing the development and production of solid-state batteries for automotive partners.

The new facility has the potential to accommodate an assembly line with a capacity of up to 200MWh. This is expected to make it the most extensive solid-state battery assembly line in the United States, indicating Factorial’s commitment to scaling up solid-state battery production.

Factorial’s proprietary solid-state battery technology is built around its Factorial Electrolyte System Technology (FEST). FEST batteries offer several advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries, including higher energy density and enhanced safety. These batteries leverage a solid electrolyte material, which can enable robust cell performance with high-capacity cathode and anode materials.

In October, Factorial achieved a significant milestone by delivering A-samples of its 100+Ah solid-state EV battery cells to global automotive OEM partners for testing. These lithium-metal battery cells, sized for automotive applications, meet crucial performance requirements. Notably, this marked the first global shipment of 100+Ah lithium-metal cells that have successfully passed UN 38.3 safety tests.

Factorial has entered into joint development agreements with renowned automotive manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, and Hyundai Motor Company. These partnerships reflect the industry’s focus on leveraging solid-state battery technology for the development of advanced EVs with improved energy density and safety features.

Factorial’s investment in its Methuen battery manufacturing facility underscores the increasing importance of solid-state battery technology in the electric vehicle market. Solid-state batteries have the potential to address key limitations associated with lithium-ion batteries, including energy density, charging times, and safety. The establishment of this manufacturing facility positions Factorial as a key player in the development and production of solid-state batteries for the automotive industry, as well as contributing to the local economy by creating job opportunities. The close proximity to Factorial’s R&D center and headquarters further enhances collaboration and innovation in battery technology.

Writing by Alireza Sabet; Editing by Sarah White