ARKANSAS, Sept 28 (Future Headlines)- In a significant move to promote sustainable geothermal energy worldwide, MB Century (MBC) and GNS Science (GNS) have formalized their commitment through an official Relationship Agreement. This collaborative effort brings together the expertise of MBC and GNS, with the shared goal of supporting international partners in the efficient and sustainable development of geothermal energy solutions.

The announcement of the official Relationship Agreement between MB Century and GNS Science took place in Manila, on the occasion of the 4th Philippine International Geothermal Conference. This milestone event was hosted by New Zealand Ambassador Peter Kell and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). It brought together industry leaders from the Philippines and around the world, including prominent figures such as the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the President of the National Geothermal Association of the Philippines (NGAP), and other key representatives from the geothermal sector.

The Philippines, as the world’s third-largest geothermal energy generator, plays a central role in this collaborative partnership. Over the past decade, MBC and GNS have cultivated strong ties by providing geoscience and geoengineering expertise to the geothermal sector. Recognizing the importance of the Philippines in the global geothermal landscape, the Relationship Agreement extends its support to the country’s geothermal sector as it strives to achieve ambitious decarbonization goals outlined by the government.

While the Philippines remains a focal point of this partnership, MBC Century and GNS Science have set their sights on broader horizons. The agreement underscores their commitment to key international markets, including Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan. Moreover, the partners have ambitious plans to expand their collaborative efforts into additional regions, including the USA, South America, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey, and Italy.

Gary Wilson, General Manager of Research, Strategy, and Partnerships at GNS Science, emphasizes that this partnership serves as a remarkable example of New Zealand companies coming together to leverage their expertise on a global scale. Both MBC Century and GNS Science have a longstanding history of working at the forefront of geothermal energy development and optimization, and they are now driven to share their collective experience with countries around the world. This collaboration aims to maximize the vast potential of renewable geothermal energy resources globally.

The official Relationship Agreement outlines several key objectives and areas of cooperation. The partnership involves collaborative efforts in conducting joint investigations to advance geothermal energy knowledge and technology. MBC Century and GNS Science will actively engage in international geothermal projects, contributing their expertise to drive sustainable solutions. The agreement encourages scientific and technical exchanges, fostering the cross-pollination of ideas and innovations. Both organizations are committed to nurturing personnel growth and development, ensuring that experts in the field are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

Greg Thompson, CEO of MB Century, highlights the forward-looking nature of this agreement, emphasizing its focus on pioneering innovative solutions in the energy sector. By bringing together the expertise of MBC Century and GNS Science, this partnership is poised to drive advancements in geothermal energy, a vital renewable resource that holds immense promise for a sustainable energy future.

While the Philippines serves as a crucial market, the partners have expansive ambitions to extend their influence to key regions worldwide. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping a greener and more sustainable energy landscape, and it is poised to drive innovation and progress in the field of geothermal energy.

Writing by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White