ARKANSAS, Oct 21 (Future Headlines)- On October 20, 2023, around 1700 UTC, the Floating Storage/Production Unit (FPSU) Zafira Producer experienced a mooring failure at Frederikshavn, Denmark. This resulted in the FPSU breaking free from its moorings and drifting across the basin. The drifting vessel subsequently collided with the berthed Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient, striking its helipad.

As a result of the collision, the Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient, with a crew of 26 onboard, was impacted, leading to the evacuation of its personnel. While the situation is reported to be under control, further developments were anticipated as of 0115 UTC on October 21.

Key Details and Vessel Information

Vessel Involved – FPSU Zafira Producer: IMO: 7311989, Deadweight Tonnage (dwt): 165,340, Year Built: 1973, Flag: Liberia, Status: Decommissioned and slated for dismantling.

Vessel Involved – Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient: IMO: 8768220, Gross Tonnage (GT): 15,585, Year Built: 2009, Flag: Marshall Islands, Owner: Maersk Drilling Holdings SNG

Following the mooring failure, the FPSU Zafira Producer began to drift across the basin. As it drifted, the vessel made contact with the berthed Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient. The collision resulted in damage to the helipad of the drilling unit.

Evacuation: In response to the collision, the Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient, which had 26 crew members on board, underwent an evacuation. This step was likely taken as a precaution to ensure the safety of the crew following the incident.

As of 0115 UTC on October 21, the situation was reported to be under control. It was noted that multiple tugboats and auxiliary vessels were responding to the incident. This suggests that efforts were underway to stabilize and address the situation.

The FPSU Zafira Producer, which was involved in the incident, is described as “decommissioned” and in the process of being dismantled. This indicates that the vessel was no longer in active service and was likely being prepared for scrapping.

The Jack-Up Drilling Unit Noble Resilient, which was berthed at the time of the incident, is a modern drilling unit with a relatively recent construction date of 2009. The impact on the drilling unit’s helipad would require assessment and repairs.

The incident underscores the challenges and risks associated with vessel mooring, particularly in adverse weather conditions. The use of tugboats and auxiliary vessels is a common response to secure drifting vessels and prevent further damage or environmental impact.

Editing by Sarah White