ARKANSAS, Nov 15 (Future Headlines)- Intersect Power has announced the successful commercial operation of its Oberon Solar + Storage project, located in Riverside County, California. The project, boasting 679 MWp/500 MWac of solar energy and 250 MW/1 GWh of co-located storage, represents a significant contribution to California’s clean energy landscape.

The solar modules used in the project are supplied by First Solar, a renowned solar technology company based in Ohio. Nextracker’s NX Horizon smart solar trackers are deployed to optimize the efficiency of solar energy capture. The project incorporates American-made structural steel, emphasizing a commitment to domestic sourcing.

The construction of the Oberon project resulted in the creation of more than 930 skilled union jobs at peak construction. Union collaboration involved LiUNA Local 1184, IBEW Local 440, and other unions, prioritizing local area hires and contributing to economic growth.

The co-located storage component of the project features batteries from Tesla’s facility in Lathrop, California. With 1 GWh of storage capacity, the project enhances grid resilience and enables the effective integration of renewable energy into the electricity system.

Energy, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and Resource Adequacy generated by the Oberon project will be purchased by a diverse group of off-takers. Of the notable off-takers, Calpine Energy Solutions, Constellation, Ava Community Energy (formerly East Bay Community Energy), Microsoft, and San Diego Community Power are among those contributing to the project’s success. The collaboration with a range of off-takers reflects the project’s significance in meeting the energy needs of various sectors and entities.

The Oberon project is highlighted as a case study in prioritizing domestic supply chains and union labor, aligning with Intersect Power’s commitment to industry best practices. The emphasis on domestic sourcing contributes to building a resilient and sustainable clean energy ecosystem in the United States. Intersect Power’s CEO, Sheldon Kimber, emphasizes the project’s role in setting procurement standards for the industry, aligning with the vision of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and contributing to the deep decarbonization of the economy.

The Oberon project underscores Intersect Power’s position as an industry leader in pioneering procurement standards and delivering transformative clean energy projects. Intersect Power’s commitment extends beyond energy production, focusing on ensuring that the benefits of the clean energy transition are distributed widely and inclusively.

The project aligns with broader goals of achieving deep decarbonization and addressing climate change challenges. The successful commercial operation of the Oberon Solar + Storage project represents a significant milestone in California’s transition to clean and sustainable energy. Beyond its impressive capacity, the project’s emphasis on local job creation, union collaboration, and domestic supply chains sets a noteworthy example for the industry. Intersect Power’s commitment to transformative clean energy projects reinforces its role in driving positive change and contributing to the broader goals of the clean energy transition.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White