ARKANSAS, Oct 4 (Future Headlines)- National Grid Renewables has proudly announced the commencement of operations at the Amazon Solar Farm Ohio – Yellowbud, a substantial 274 MW solar project nestled in the picturesque landscape of Ross and Pickaway Counties, Ohio. This solar endeavor represents a significant step towards advancing renewable energy infrastructure while fostering economic growth.

Yellowbud, strategically located within the PJM market, boasts an executed power purchase agreement with Amazon, underscoring the e-commerce giant’s commitment to sustainability and green energy adoption.

“Amazon is deeply committed to the state of Ohio, where we’re investing in and scaling new renewable energy projects like Yellowbud that will help power our operations with 100% renewable energy while also bringing new jobs, economic benefits, and new sources of clean energy to local communities,” stated Nat Sahlstrom, Amazon’s Head of Energy, Water, and Sustainability. “We’re eager to continue contributing to Ohio’s economic and environmental goals as part of Amazon’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable business.”

The operational phase of Yellowbud is anticipated to generate a substantial economic impact, estimated at a staggering $90 million. This sum encompasses tax revenue, job creation, landowner income, and support for charitable initiatives, all contributing to the prosperity of local communities.

Roberta Milliken, Dean of Campus and Community Relations at Ohio University Chillicothe expressed enthusiasm for the burgeoning solar industry in the region, stating, “Many in our areas have seen the recent local growth of the solar industry through projects like Yellowbud, and they are eager to learn more about energy innovations. Our partnership with National Grid Renewables enables us to find ways to bring the conversation about renewable energies to our students and to also equip teachers with relevant and beneficial information about it.”

Amazon’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond Yellowbud. The tech giant recently unveiled a groundbreaking economic analysis that provides insights into the impact of its renewable energy projects on a global, U.S., and state level.

On a global scale, spanning from 2014 through 2022, Amazon’s wind and solar farms have played a pivotal role, generating a staggering $12.6 billion in investments while contributing over $5.4 billion to global GDP. In 2022 alone, Amazon’s solar and wind farms supported the equivalent of 39,000 full-time jobs.

Within the United States, during the same time frame, Amazon’s renewable energy projects generated approximately $8.8 billion in investments and contributed over $4.2 billion to U.S. GDP. In 2022, these projects sustained the livelihoods of 12,800 American workers.

The inauguration of Amazon Solar Farm Ohio – Yellowbud not only signifies the continued advancement of renewable energy but also exemplifies the profound positive impact these projects can have on local economies and communities.

As the world increasingly embraces sustainability and green energy, endeavors like Yellowbud underscore the potential for environmental conservation and economic growth to go hand in hand. The collaboration between Amazon, National Grid Renewables, and local communities in Ohio serves as a testament to the potential for synergy between renewable energy projects and economic prosperity, highlighting the path forward towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White