ARKANSAS, Nov 22 (Future Headlines)- Neste, a global renewable fuel producer, and Hightowers Petroleum, a leading Midwest wholesale fuel supplier, have joined forces to bring Neste MY Renewable Diesel to the Midwest region of the U.S. This strategic partnership aims to meet the increasing demand for lower-emission fuels, especially from the automotive sector. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is the first TOP TIER-certified renewable diesel fuel, recognized for its high quality and environmental benefits.

The collaboration enables Hightowers Petroleum to distribute Neste MY Renewable Diesel across the Midwest, where a strong market demand for sustainable fuels, driven by the automobile industry, exists. The partnership responds to the commitment of many car manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from “first fills,” emphasizing the use of fuel in new vehicles leaving production lines. Neste MY Renewable Diesel, as a drop-in solution, reduces GHG emissions by up to 75% compared to fossil diesel over its life cycle, making it an ideal choice for first fill and testing.

By incorporating Neste MY Renewable Diesel, businesses and cities in the Midwest can effectively reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and achieve ambitious climate goals. Renewable diesel not only reduces GHG emissions but also enhances engine performance. With compatibility across all diesel engines, it aligns with industry needs for a seamless transition to sustainable solutions. The fuel’s lower-carbon profile addresses both the environmental concerns and performance requirements of customers.

  • Key Statistics and Benefits

GHG Emission Reduction: Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduces GHG emissions by up to 75% compared to fossil diesel over its life cycle. As a drop-in solution, it is compatible with all diesel engines, facilitating a smooth transition to renewable fuels. Due to its clean combustion properties, vehicles running on renewable diesel may require less maintenance, offering potential cost savings.

With outstanding cold weather performance down to -4°F (-20°C), it suits various weather conditions. The fuel’s high cetane number ensures better start-up and throttle response, enhancing overall vehicle performance.

Highlights the positive impact of Neste MY Renewable Diesel in reducing GHG emissions and enabling businesses in the Midwest to achieve sustainability goals. Emphasizes the partnership’s ability to meet customer demands for high-quality fuel while contributing to carbon footprint reduction. Acknowledges the immediate GHG emissions reductions and performance benefits of renewable diesel.

Over the past decade, Neste has established itself as a leader in renewable diesel distribution, partnering with fuel distributors and expanding its production and fueling station network. Neste is the only global provider of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals, with production facilities on three continents.

Reporting by Moe Khaled; Editing by Sarah White