ARKANSAS, February 13 (Future Headlines)- New Way Trucks, headquartered in Scranton, Iowa, has announced a joint development agreement (JDA) with Hyzon Motors Inc. based in Rochester, New York, to collaborate on developing hydrogen fuel cell-powered refuse collection vehicles for the North American market. Hyzon Motors, known for its expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology and its global supply of zero-emission heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), aims to conduct trials of hydrogen fuel cell waste and recycling collection trucks in the first half of this year through this partnership with New Way Trucks.

Parker Meeks, CEO of Hyzon Motors, emphasized the importance of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technology in reducing emissions from challenging industries like refuse collection. He highlighted the success of their Australian fuel cell refuse collection truck trial in demonstrating the viability of hydrogen fuel cell technology as a replacement for traditional diesel engines, overcoming challenges such as range anxiety, extreme operating temperatures, and payload limitations.

Under the JDA, Hyzon will supply and integrate its fuel cell technology and integrated powertrain, while New Way will handle the supply and integration of the prototype Sidewinder XTR automated side-load refuse body. This collaborative effort aims to leverage the expertise of both companies to develop a sustainable refuse collection solution.

Don Ross, Chief Sales Officer of New Way, expressed confidence in the partnership with Hyzon, citing New Way’s successful track record in deploying alternative powertrain refuse equipment across North America. He sees the collaboration as a significant step in helping customers meet their sustainability and decarbonization goals. Hyzon had previously developed and assembled a hydrogen fuel cell refuse truck that began operating in Australia last October under the operation of Remondis Australia, the Australian arm of a Germany-based environmental services company.

In North America, Hyzon estimates that approximately 120,000 refuse trucks are currently in operation, consuming about 950 million gallons of diesel fuel annually. The integration of FCEVs into refuse collection fleets presents an opportunity to decarbonize the industry and reduce noise pollution from diesel trucks. The initial customer trials for the JDA’s first North American prototype truck are scheduled to commence in the first half of 2024, involving a mix of public and private refuse fleets. Hyzon targets initial commercial vehicle deliveries in 2025, contingent upon the success of the trials. The trucks are expected to have a driving range of 125 miles and the capacity to undertake 1,200 refuse cart lifts per route, based on the performance data from the Australian Remondis trial.

Eric Evans, Chief Product Officer of New Way, expressed excitement about evaluating the performance of the Hyzon/New Way unit on the route. He emphasized the enthusiasm among New Way distributors and key customers for alternative powertrain options that leverage the benefits of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) without compromising performance while aligning with emerging hydrogen technology and infrastructure investments.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White