ARKANSAS, Nov 29 (Future Headlines)- The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has granted approval to Orano’s TN Eagle nuclear packaging model, marking a significant milestone in the transport and dry storage of used nuclear fuel. Orano’s cutting-edge packaging model, approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority in 2020, showcases an innovative design and modular structure. This approval not only emphasizes the model’s robustness and adherence to international regulations but also positions it as a breakthrough in safety, efficiency, and competitiveness. As Orano prepares to embark on manufacturing the TN Eagle at a new facility in France, this development holds promises for enhanced nuclear fuel transport in the United States.

Orano’s TN Eagle model is characterized by its innovative design and modular structure, setting it apart from conventional models. The design aims to meet the diverse needs of power plant operators, emphasizing safety improvements and increased competitiveness.

Although approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority, the format for storing used fuel in the USA necessitated adaptations to the original design. The approval by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission attests to the successful modification and alignment with US standards.

The TN Eagle model underwent rigorous testing to demonstrate its robustness and resistance to extreme transport conditions, leading to approval by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in 2020. Compliance with the latest regulations from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) underscores its adherence to global standards.

NRC approval is a pivotal step for Orano, enabling the company to proceed with developments in the transport of used nuclear fuel in the United States. The approval signifies a vote of confidence in the model’s technological advancements and its capacity to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Orano’s TN Eagle model, with its innovative design, allows a significant reduction in the number of transport packaging parts. The modular structure results in a tenfold reduction in parts, contributing to streamlined manufacturing processes and increased cost-effectiveness.

The TN Eagle model introduces enhanced safety measures, addressing critical aspects of nuclear fuel transport. The innovative design ensures robustness, reducing the potential risks associated with extreme transport conditions.

Orano emphasizes that the TN Eagle represents a technological breakthrough compared to other models in the market. The model’s competitiveness stems not only from its safety features but also from its modular structure, contributing to reduced manufacturing times.

Construction of a new factory for manufacturing the TN Eagle model commenced in February 2023 at the port of Cherbourg in France. The France Relance investment fund is supporting the project, reflecting its significance in advancing nuclear fuel transport technology.

Orano anticipates the commissioning of the TN Eagle 4.0 factory in 2024. The new facility is poised to play a crucial role in producing TN Eagle models, contributing to the evolution of nuclear fuel transport capabilities.

The construction and operation of the TN Eagle 4.0 factory in Cherbourg are expected to generate employment opportunities. Job creation is a positive economic outcome, further strengthening the ties between technological advancements and economic development.

Beyond job creation, the establishment of the TN Eagle 4.0 factory is likely to stimulate economic activities in the Cherbourg region. The economic contributions extend to the supply chain and local businesses, creating a ripple effect in the region’s economy.

Orano’s TN Eagle model, with its US regulatory approval, holds the potential to set a global standard in nuclear fuel transport. Its innovative design and successful adaptation to US standards position it as a benchmark for safety and efficiency in the international arena.

The approval by the NRC and the upcoming manufacturing at the TN Eagle 4.0 factory represent advancements in nuclear fuel transport technology. Orano’s commitment to technological breakthroughs aligns with the broader goals of enhancing the safety and sustainability of nuclear energy.

Editing by Sarah White