ARKANSAS, Sept 28 (Future Headlines)- In a significant development for Ireland’s renewable energy landscape, Ørsted, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, has secured two contracts in the Irish Government’s third onshore Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS 3) auction. These projects, the 81 MW Garreenleen Solar Farm in Carlow and the 43.2 MW Farranrory Onshore Wind Farm in Tipperary, are poised to contribute to Ireland’s energy independence while fostering sustainability.

In the highly competitive RESS 3 auction, Ørsted emerged victorious with two approved projects. These projects, with a combined output of 124 MW, represent a significant step towards achieving Ireland’s renewable energy goals. Kieran White, Senior Vice President of Onshore in Region Europe at Ørsted, expressed optimism about these projects, emphasizing their role in reducing the cost of electricity compared to fossil fuel generation. He also highlighted their contribution to Ireland’s energy independence and value creation targets. The RESS 3 auction saw a total of 24 onshore wind and solar projects securing contracts. These projects achieved an average strike price of EUR 100.47 per MWh, reflecting the competitiveness and attractiveness of renewable energy in Ireland’s evolving energy landscape.

Ørsted has established a robust presence in Ireland, with its Irish headquarters located in Cork City. The company employs over 100 people in Ireland, underlining its commitment to the country’s renewable energy sector. Ørsted’s existing operations in Ireland include 378 MW of onshore wind capacity, generating clean energy for over 230,000 homes. Furthermore, Ørsted has been actively expanding its renewable energy portfolio in Ireland through strategic partnerships. Notably, the company announced a collaboration with ESB to jointly develop an Irish offshore wind portfolio, a significant step towards harnessing the vast offshore wind potential along Ireland’s coastline. Additionally, Ørsted partnered with Terra Solar to embark on the development of 400 MW of solar energy projects, further diversifying its renewable energy offerings.

Ørsted’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its projects in Ireland. Globally recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies, Ørsted boasts a significant renewable energy portfolio. The company operates, is constructing, or has secured consent for over 5.7 GW of onshore renewables across the United States and Europe. This impressive portfolio reflects Ørsted’s dedication to driving the transition towards clean, renewable energy sources.

The successful securing of contracts for the Garreenleen Solar Farm and Farranrory Onshore Wind Farm signifies a substantial leap towards enhancing Ireland’s energy independence. By adding 124 MW of renewable energy capacity to the national grid, Ørsted’s projects will contribute to reducing Ireland’s reliance on fossil fuels and promote a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix.

The Garreenleen Solar Farm, with its 81 MW capacity, will harness the power of solar energy to generate electricity. Solar power offers a reliable and clean energy source, particularly during Ireland’s sunnier months, further diversifying the nation’s renewable energy portfolio. On the other hand, the Farranrory Onshore Wind Farm, with a capacity of 43.2 MW, capitalizes on the abundant wind resources in Ireland. Wind energy is a cornerstone of Ireland’s renewable energy strategy, and projects like Farranrory play a crucial role in harnessing this valuable resource.

These projects are not only instrumental in reducing the cost of electricity but also in enhancing Ireland’s energy independence and reducing its carbon footprint. As Ørsted continues to expand its presence and investments in Ireland’s renewable energy sector, it contributes to the nation’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Writing by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White