ARKANSAS, Oct 9 (Future Headlines)- Repsol has officially inaugurated its 2.5-megawatt (MW) renewable hydrogen electrolyzer at the Petronor refinery located in Muskiz, Spain. This milestone marks the establishment of Spain’s first commercial-scale renewable hydrogen production facility, and it will play a pivotal role in the development of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor.

Repsol has successfully inaugurated a 2.5 MW renewable hydrogen electrolyzer at the Petronor refinery in Muskiz, Spain. This facility represents the first of its kind in Spain, focusing on the large-scale production of renewable hydrogen. The Basque Hydrogen Corridor is a collaborative initiative led by Repsol and Petronor, aiming to expedite the economic recovery of the Basque Country and Spain. Additionally, the initiative emphasizes decarbonization and supports strategic sectors such as energy, mobility, industry, and services. The consortium boasts the participation of more than 80 companies, institutions, and research centers.

The newly inaugurated electrolyzer at the Petronor refinery will produce renewable hydrogen using electricity sourced from renewable energy sources. The produced hydrogen will serve multiple purposes, including powering the Energy Intelligence Center (EIC), Repsol’s newly established headquarters located in the Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea Technology Park. Additionally, it will supply hydrogen to other customers within the Basque Hydrogen Corridor.

Repsol has set forth ambitious goals for renewable hydrogen capacity expansion in Spain. The company aims to install a total of 557 MW of renewable hydrogen capacity by 2025, with further plans to reach 1.9 gigawatts (GW) by 2030. This expansion strategy aligns with Repsol’s commitment to advancing renewable hydrogen production.

In line with its hydrogen expansion plans, Repsol intends to install electrolyzers at various industrial complexes across Spain. These complexes include locations in Cartagena, Tarragona, Puertollano, and A Coruña. The incorporation of electrolyzers at these sites further bolsters Repsol’s efforts to boost renewable hydrogen production.

The inauguration of the 2.5 MW renewable hydrogen electrolyzer at the Petronor refinery represents a significant step in Repsol’s pursuit of sustainable and decarbonized energy solutions. As Spain’s first large-scale renewable hydrogen production facility, it underlines Repsol’s commitment to renewable energy and hydrogen as key components of its future energy landscape.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White