ARKANSAS, Dec 12 (Future Headlines)- Volvo Car USA and ChargePoint have achieved a significant milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape by inaugurating Starbucks’ inaugural public DC fast charging network. The pilot project, initially announced in March 2022, has come to fruition with the activation of 50 ChargePoint DC fast chargers at 15 Starbucks locations along a 1,350-mile route from Denver to Seattle. Branded with both Volvo Cars and Starbucks logos, these chargers are strategically positioned approximately 100 miles apart, providing a seamless charging experience for electric vehicle drivers. This article explores the key elements, features, and implications of this innovative collaboration.

As a prominent player in the automotive industry, Volvo Car USA brings its commitment to sustainable mobility to this collaboration. The company’s involvement includes the deployment of DC fast chargers, ensuring the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle charging for Volvo drivers.

A leading EV charging network provider, ChargePoint plays a pivotal role in the success of this initiative. The company’s expertise in developing and managing charging infrastructure contributes to the seamless integration of DC fast chargers at Starbucks locations.

Renowned globally for its coffee culture and widespread network of stores, Starbucks serves as the physical platform for deploying DC fast chargers. Fifteen Starbucks locations across the route have been equipped with the chargers, aligning with the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The initiative encompasses 50 ChargePoint DC fast chargers, strategically positioned at 15 Starbucks locations. This network spans a 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle, offering electric vehicle drivers a consistent and reliable charging infrastructure. The chargers are prominently branded with both Volvo Cars and Starbucks logos, creating a distinctive identity for the charging network. This co-branding approach enhances visibility and awareness, making it clear to drivers that they are accessing a charging solution supported by reputable brands.

Drivers of Volvo electric vehicles can leverage the integrated ChargePoint app to locate and access charging stations at participating Starbucks locations. This streamlined process enhances user experience and ensures efficient utilization of the charging network. While the network is designed to cater to Volvo electric vehicles seamlessly, it is also inclusive of other electric vehicles equipped with a standard CCS1 or CHAdeMO receptacle. This broad compatibility promotes accessibility and encourages the adoption of electric vehicles beyond the Volvo brand. The chargers are strategically spaced approximately 100 miles apart, facilitating convenient charging intervals for electric vehicle drivers. This spacing is conducive to extended road trips, offering drivers the assurance of a reliable charging infrastructure along the entire route.

Electrek, a leading source for news and insights on electric vehicles, provides a perspective on the Starbucks-Volvo-ChargePoint collaboration. The article notes the novelty of Starbucks being directly involved in DC fast charging infrastructure, with branded chargers creating a unique identity for Starbucks enthusiasts. The convenience of charging stations being situated around 100 miles apart aligns with the driving range of Volvo’s electric models, providing a practical and accessible solution for road trips.

The article playfully suggests that EV drivers on this route may need to get creative with their Starbucks drink orders to avoid monotony during charging stops. Furthermore, it highlights the scenic aspects of the route, passing through national forests, Arches National Park, and connecting popular destinations like Park City and Vail. The collaboration is portrayed as a dream route for EV drivers who appreciate Starbucks and plan to stop for sightseeing along the way.

The inauguration of Starbucks’ first public DC fast charging network by Volvo Car USA and ChargePoint marks a significant step forward in advancing electric vehicle infrastructure. Beyond the convenience of strategically placed chargers, co-branding with Starbucks adds a distinctive touch, making the charging experience more engaging for drivers. The collaboration reflects a growing trend of major brands actively participating in the expansion of EV charging networks, contributing to the wider adoption of electric vehicles and fostering sustainability in transportation. As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like these play a crucial role in shaping a future where convenient and widespread charging infrastructure becomes the norm.

Reporting by Alireza Sabet; Editing by Sarah White