ARKANSAS, January 18 (Future Headlines)- A recent independent towing test of the Tesla Cybertruck sheds light on its range performance while pulling a load, offering valuable insights into the electric pickup’s capabilities. The test, one of the first of its kind, demonstrates that the Cybertruck achieves approximately 160 miles of range while towing around 6,000 lbs, revealing the impact of towing on the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

The tested Cybertruck was the Dual Motor version with 20″ wheels, featuring a rated range of 320 miles. However, under towing conditions with an estimated load of 6,000 lbs (the Model Y is approximately 4,000 lbs, and the trailer about 2,210 lbs), the range was significantly reduced to about 160 miles.

The upcoming “Range Extender” battery pack, designed to be placed in the bed of the Cybertruck, is expected to enhance the range by over 100 miles. This option is particularly advantageous for towing, where the additional load significantly affects the overall range. However, the Range Extender is not yet available, leaving current Cybertruck owners to operate within the existing range limitations.

The test revealed that the Cybertruck consumed an average of 749 Wh per mile, totaling 83 kWh over a 110-mile trip. Extrapolating this data to a hypothetical 123 kWh battery pack, the towing range would be just over 160 miles. The observed energy consumption provides an understanding of the efficiency challenges faced by electric pickups when towing heavy loads.

The test highlighted potential areas for improvement. For instance, the owner couldn’t close the tonneau cover during the test, and optimizing such aerodynamic elements could contribute to a small but noticeable enhancement in efficiency. Additionally, the availability of 19″ wheels (expected in the future) could further improve overall efficiency. Despite the reduced range while towing, the owner noted that the driving dynamics of the Cybertruck remained good. This observation suggests that, even under towing conditions, the vehicle maintains a level of performance that meets or exceeds expectations.

The test underscores Tesla’s accurate prediction of the Cybertruck’s range under tow mode. Accurate range prediction is crucial for mitigating range anxiety, and Tesla’s ability to forecast the vehicle’s performance under different conditions contributes to the overall user experience. While the towing range of 160 miles might be considered short for some users, it is important to note that there are still numerous use cases where this range is sufficient. Additionally, the imminent availability of the Range Extender battery pack presents an opportunity for Cybertruck owners to significantly extend their towing range, making the vehicle more versatile for a variety of applications.

Reporting by Alireza Sabet; Editing by Sarah White