ARKANSAS, February 4 (Future Headlines)- France’s TotalEnergies is reportedly considering the sale of a 50% stake in a diverse portfolio of renewable projects spanning Europe and the U.S. The energy company is said to be in the early stages of exploring this strategic move and has sought the assistance of advisers to navigate the potential sale. The portfolio comprises wind and solar power assets situated in key locations, including the U.S., Spain, Portugal, France, and Greece.

The estimated value of the entire renewable energy portfolio is approximately $2.5 billion, making it an attractive proposition for potential investors. This move by TotalEnergies aligns with broader industry trends, as various energy companies and utilities are opting to divest stakes in existing wind and solar farms to generate funds for new projects. Notable entities such as Enel, Repsol, and Iberdrola have previously engaged in similar transactions to navigate the challenges posed by rising raw material costs and increased capital expenditure in the renewable energy sector.

The potential sale by TotalEnergies is anticipated to result in a series of transactions, with the likelihood of multiple buyers participating in the acquisition of stakes within the portfolio. While the company has not officially commented on the matter, sources familiar with the situation have disclosed that TotalEnergies has initiated discussions with advisers to facilitate the sale process.

TotalEnergies has been actively involved in strategic transactions related to its renewable energy portfolio. In December of the previous year, the company divested a 22.5% stake in an offshore wind farm to Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) for a substantial amount of £522 million ($660.54 million). This move showcased TotalEnergies’ commitment to optimizing its portfolio and generating capital through strategic divestments.

The French energy giant has distinguished itself by maintaining a robust low-carbon energy generation capacity compared to its industry peers. In a significant move last year, TotalEnergies secured full control of the renewable energy company Eren through a transaction valued at €3.8 billion ($4.10 billion), inclusive of assumed debt. This acquisition reinforced TotalEnergies’ position in the renewable energy sector and underscored its strategic focus on expanding its footprint in the low-carbon energy landscape.

As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve, companies are strategically reshaping their portfolios to navigate market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities. TotalEnergies’ exploration of potential sales aligns with the broader trend of portfolio optimization and capital reallocation within the industry. The outcome of this initiative is expected to be closely monitored by industry stakeholders, potential investors, and market analysts, given the significance of TotalEnergies’ renewable energy assets in various global markets.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White