ARKANSAS, Nov 24 (Future Headlines)- Vestas, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, has successfully secured a substantial 270 MW order for wind turbines destined for an undisclosed wind farm owned by a subsidiary of ENGIE North America in the United States. The order comprises 60 state-of-the-art V163-4.5 MW wind turbines, marking a significant step in advancing ENGIE’s commitment to expanding its wind energy portfolio. This collaboration aligns with both companies’ dedication to accelerating the clean energy transition in North America.

Vestas’ 270 MW order encompasses the complete lifecycle of the wind turbines, including supply, delivery, and commissioning. The agreement also features a twenty-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement, designed to ensure the optimized performance and longevity of the wind turbine asset.

The order includes Vestas’ cutting-edge V163-4.5 MW wind turbines, renowned for their high capacity factor. These turbines are specifically optimized for low to medium wind speeds, making them exceptionally well-suited for the diverse wind conditions prevalent in the US market.

The collaboration between Vestas and ENGIE signifies a joint commitment to advancing the clean energy transition in North America. Vestas expresses anticipation for contributing to ENGIE’s efforts to expand its wind energy portfolio and achieve sustainable energy goals.

The V163-4.5 MW turbines are highlighted as Vestas’ newest high-capacity factor turbine, emphasizing their suitability for the US market. Optimized for low to medium wind speeds, these turbines align with the varied wind conditions experienced across the United States.

Laura Beane, President of Vestas North America, emphasizes the strategic collaboration with ENGIE and their shared commitment to driving the clean energy transition. Dave Carroll, Director of Renewable Energy and Country Director of ENGIE North America, expresses excitement about the collaboration, underscoring the aligned focus on accelerating the energy transition.

Vestas anticipates commencing the delivery of the 60 V163-4.5 MW wind turbines in the third quarter of 2024. The phased delivery ensures a streamlined and efficient integration of the turbines into the wind farm. The commissioning of the wind turbines is strategically planned for the first quarter of 2025. This timeline reflects a commitment to operationalizing the wind farm swiftly and contributing to the clean energy landscape.

Reporting by Kevin Wood; Editing by Sarah White