ARKANSAS, January 25 (Future Headlines)- In a groundbreaking collaboration, Westinghouse and Prodigy Clean Energy aim to deploy a transportable nuclear power plant (TNPP) featuring Westinghouse eVinci microreactors in Canada by 2030. The initiative reflects a strategic effort to bring reliable and clean energy solutions to various sites, including remote communities, industrial mines, and critical infrastructure. The partnership leverages Prodigy’s expertise in developing TNPP civil structures standardized for versatile deployment.

The eVinci microreactor, described as a “small battery” for decentralizing generation markets and microgrids, plays a pivotal role in this innovative project. The nominal 5 MWe heat pipe reactor, with a heat capability of 14 MWt, is designed to provide competitive, resilient power with superior reliability and minimal maintenance. Westinghouse envisions the Prodigy Microreactor Power Station, equipped with one or multiple eVinci microreactors, as a prefabricated unit transportable to sites for installation at the shoreline or on land.

The collaboration between Westinghouse and Prodigy dates back to 2019 when they began evaluating deployment models for the eVinci microreactor. A multinational corporation operating strategic critical minerals assets in Canada funded a study in 2019-2020 to identify reliable clean energy sources. This study paved the way for Prodigy to pioneer the development of TNPP civil structures suitable for a wide range of deployment sites.

The agreement signed in 2022 marked a significant milestone, and subsequent steps include completing the TNPP design for the eVinci microreactor, developing a nuclear oversight model for TNPP manufacturing, outfitting, and transport, and progressing licensing and site assessments. The ultimate goal is to realize the first TNPP project in Canada by 2030.

Jon Ball, President of eVinci Technologies for Westinghouse, highlighted the inherent transportability of the eVinci microreactor, emphasizing its compact design and simplified operating requirements. The TNPP developed by Prodigy enhances the value of this transportable technology, providing a solution for delivering clean, reliable, and affordable power at commercial scale to remote regions.

Mathias Trojer, President and CEO of Prodigy Clean Energy, emphasized the optimal integration of the eVinci microreactor into the TNPP, enabling fleet deployment and accelerating the timeline for delivering clean power to remote areas. Prodigy’s technology aims to simplify the full facility lifecycle, reducing new build costs and complexity.

In addition to the TNPP, Prodigy is actively developing a small modular reactor (SMR) power plant, deployable at the shoreline, ideal for coal replacement and grid-scale power generation. The company’s vision includes packaging microreactors or SMRs into prefabricated and relocatable power plant structures, streamlining the full facility lifecycle, and dramatically reducing costs and complexity.

The collaboration between Westinghouse and Prodigy represents a significant step towards advancing clean energy solutions with innovative nuclear technology. As the world transitions towards sustainable and reliable power sources, initiatives like the TNPP with eVinci microreactors contribute to achieving these goals while addressing the energy needs of diverse regions, including remote and critical areas in Canada.

Editing by Sarah White